Leaba's And Le-Roy's Long Mixes

A three track e.p. from Anthony Naples now defunct Proibito record label. The A-side features a track each from Larry Leaba and Bell Le Roy, respectively.

Both a-side’s are solid garage-y deep house, but it’s the 13 minute b-side that is essential listening for anyone into deep, experimental, hypnagogic or fourth world ambient music.

22-04-16 (Warmy Parm Mix) is deep, funky, a little sweaty, a little dark and sad. I can listen to this on repeat for hours under the right circumstances. Side A doesn’t have quite the same effect on me, but side B is enough to say that this is a timeless 12” release that belongs on your shelf.

Bell Le Roy & Larry Leaba Leaba's And Le-Roy's Long Mixes